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People I Want to be Like

We all grow up with heroes, people we want to be or be like. For me it was always Michael Jordan and Ken Griffey Junior. I always wanted to be as good at what they did as they were. I... Continue Reading →

Life Lessons from the Game of Golf

Baseball has always been my sport. From the time that I was 5 years old I have been playing the game. And I've had the opportunity to play the game all the way through college. I've played the game of... Continue Reading →

Goodbye Countryside

You know, growing up I never thought that I would be working in church ministry. Honestly, in high school and college I would've told you that you're an idiot if you told me I would one day be a pastor.... Continue Reading →

Confessions of a High School Baseball Coach: Part 3 – The Team

When it comes down to the question of "what is the best part about baseball?" The answer is simple - the team. The reason why a game or a season is enjoyable is because of the team. The reason for... Continue Reading →

Reclaim Your Drive

On average, a normal morning commute to work is 25.4 minutes. Then add some traffic time to the drive home, and you have about 60 minutes per day you spend in your car. How do you spend those 60 minutes?... Continue Reading →

Hurry Up & Listen

You ever had one of those conversations where the person you're speaking with is just waiting for you to finishing talking so they can talk? It's not really a conversation, is it? You ever been on the other end? You... Continue Reading →

American Christian: Part 2 – In But Not Of 

As Americans we very easily let our citizenship here trump our true identity in Christ. This can be a problem. As we previously discussed in American Christian: Part 1, we as Christians are not first Americans and then followers of Jesus.... Continue Reading →

Why Was It A Good Friday?

I grew up in the church. Parents were always in ministry and loved the Lord very much. That meant that we went to church every week on Sundays. But there are a couple of times per year that there are... Continue Reading →

Confessions of a High School Baseball Coach: Part 2 – First Game

Welp, tryouts are over! Practices have started. And now we are going into our first game as a squad. This will be my first game as a coach. I remember what it was like opening day as a player. You... Continue Reading →

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